How Can You Volunteer for the Wounded Warrior Project?

can-volunteer-wounded-warrior-project Credit: The U.S. Army/CC-BY 2.0

In order to volunteer for the Wounded Warrior Project, go to the Wounded Warrior website and apply to be a volunteer; it is also possible to donate money at the site. There is a phone number listed on the site that can be called to contact the project about volunteering opportunities.

The Wounded Warrior program is a nonprofit program to help military veterans after they have served their country. There are several ways to volunteer. Someone can donate money to the wounded warrior project as they always need to cover expenses, such as travel and utilities. The money is also used to help provide relief for wounded warriors or to ensure the veterans and their families don't become homeless. Money is also used to ensure already homeless veterans have a program to help them get back on their feet. Money is the easiest way to help this organization since many of the organization's needs are usually monetary.

Another way to help is by volunteering skills that someone may already have. According to the Wounded Warrior website regarding volunteering opportunities, they are looking for several positions from construction services to social media help. They are always looking for administrative support and event planning since these two can be used everywhere. Another way to volunteer is to become a supporter and hold campaigns in areas close to one's town to raise awareness and money for the Wounded Warrior program.