Where Can You Find the Virginia Tax Rate Table?


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Taxpayers can find the Virginia tax rate table at the official Virginia Department of Taxation website, as of 2015. A calculator to determine an individual's tax obligation is also available. The amount of the tax depends on the taxpayer's income and increases as income rises.

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Taxpayers with an income of $3,000 or less have an income tax rate of 2 percent. The tax is calculated by multiplying 2 percent by the amount of the income. For example, an income of $1,000 is multiplied by 2 percent to give a tax obligation of $20.

Those with incomes between $3,001 and $5,000 pay $60 plus 3 percent on the amount of income over $3,000. For an income of $4,000, $1,000 is multiplied by 3 percent to yield $30. When added to the flat $60, the total tax is $90.

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