Can You Verify a RN License Online?

Verify the license number of a registered nurse online through, as long as the license is from a participating board of nursing. It also possible to verify the license online from state agencies. Some states operate websites that feature licence searching tools, while others require contact with the agency directly. offers three methods for checking the status of an RN license number, depending on the needs of the person conducting the search. The e-Notify system allows individual nurses as well as nurse employers to automatically receive updates about the public records associated with a nursing certification license number. Nurses interested in proving license status to receive board certification in another state may use the Licence Verified tool. Any individual can confirm certification for a nurse by searching his name and the state in which he practices or by his specific license number. In all cases, the site only checks with its officially recognized nursing certification board partners.

Many states offer online nurse licence verification tools through websites for medical or nursing boards. For example, California's Board of Registered Nurses offers a simple online tool that allows individuals to verify a licence according to personal or employer information and permits licensees to register for an account to check status. also offers links to online license verification resources for several other states.