How Can You Verify a Doctor's License?


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One of the most reliable ways to verify a doctor's license is to check with the state medical board, according to the Texas Medical Board. Most states have online directories that allow you to look up a license quickly and easily.

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How Can You Verify a Doctor's License?
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The American Medical Association also offers a nationwide tool to check doctor's licenses, reports the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. These online tools generally allow you to search by either the doctor's name or the license number, although there may be some variation between states.

Some detailed searches may result in a false negative result, according to the Texas Medical Board. If your first search does not return any results, try searching for the doctor's last name and first initial only. If you still cannot find the doctor's information, try calling the medical board directly to verify the license. Other boards, such as the Arkansas State Medical Board, only allow you to search by the doctor's last name or license number.

Specialists can often be verified with the organization that oversees their particular specialty. However, these may vary. Doctors who have been certified and practicing for a long time may not show up in some search tools, according to the American Board of Internal Medicine. That organization may have unreliable records for doctors who were certified prior to 1990. Some state boards, such as the Medical Board of California, allow you to search by specialty on their general sites.

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