How Can USPS Employees Access LiteBlue PostalEASE?

Employees of the U.S. Postal System can log in to the LiteBlue system with an employee ID and password, which allows access to the PostalEASE benefit management system. Employee IDs are located at the top of the employee's earning statement. Employees can also use a toll-free PostalEASE phone number.

A USPS employee ID is an eight-digit number that is printed above the words "Employee ID." LiteBlue implemented a new security standard on April 28, 2014. This new standard allows employees to access a number of USPS self-service applications, including LiteBlue. If employees have not set up a password in their self-service profiles, they must go to the self-service profile webpage to find instructions for setting up their online accounts. Employees who forget their passwords can reset them at the self-service web page using their employee id numbers.

LiteBlue is an online system that USPS employees use to communicate and stay connected to their pay, employee benefits, and important information regarding their job. The system provides employees with information regarding products available, revenue, service performance and career development. The system also allows employees to provide feedback. USPS states that LiteBlue continues to evolve to allow USPS employees to have the latest information consistently and efficiently.