Where Can Used Books Be Donated?

Where Can Used Books Be Donated?

Book donation options include local libraries, schools, thrift stores, nursing homes and hospitals. Many organizations, such as Books for Soldiers, Prison Book Program and Books for Africa, accept used book donations for charitable use.

Donated books may be used directly by the recipient, redistributed to a needy target population or sold. The Books for Africa organization ships books to Africa to promote literacy and empowerment, with the goal of ending famine. Some thrift stores partner with local nonprofit organizations, with money made from sales going to the organizations.

Libraries are already full of books, but many benefit from additional book donations. Quality book donations may go into circulation, allowing the library to increase the number of books offered without tapping into the budget. Libraries also use donated books for sales that raise funds to support the library.

Before choosing a donation option, inventory the book selection. Children's books are ideal for donations to a children's hospital. Fiction books provide entertainment in nursing or retirement homes. Check with the organization first to ensure they accept book donations.

Donations to a charity can result in a tax deduction for the person donating. Ask for a receipt at the time of donation to use for tax purposes.