Who Can Use Employee Self-Service?


Employees of a company or institution utilizing the employee self-service platform can use the application with a login and password provided by the employer. The web-based resource allows employees to access personal and employment information, according to the University of Washington.

Employee self-service is an online platform purchased and managed by the employer and provides employees with access to personal, payroll and benefit information, according to the University of Washington. Employees have access to update and change personal information, access tax and payroll records, submit and approve timesheets and designate direct deposit, benefit and leave options.

Depending on the services the employer has purchased or created within employee self-service, employees can also view job profiles and history, earnings, retirement and savings options, W-2 and tax forms, vacation and sick leave balances and benefits and insurance information, according to the University of Washington. Some employers also provide a company or campus directory within the employee self-service platform and allow employees to change how their personal and professional information is viewed by other employees. Links to third party insurance and retirement savings providers is typically available through the platform so employees can search medical providers and make changes to retirement and 401k designations.