What Can You Use Airline Miles to Purchase?


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Airline miles can be used to purchase new airline tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, ticket upgrades and other goods and services. The miles can often be accrued, checked and redeemed through the specific airline's website or over the phone.

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Airline miles, also known as frequent-flyer miles, is a type of rewards program created by airline companies to encourage flyers to travel further and more frequently. When individuals travel with a specific airline or one of the airline's partners, they accumulate frequent-flyer miles for that airline which can be used as a sort of currency to purchase goods and services through the company.

When the programs started, the miles could only be used to purchase more plane tickets or to upgrade existing tickets to premium options, such as first-class seats. However, partnerships grew and the miles can now be used to purchase things such as hotel rooms and car rentals. Many airlines also offer higher-class club memberships, which give travelers more luxurious travel experiences. Individuals who buy these memberships also get greater flyer-mile redemption options.

Some airlines have chosen to give consumers other ways to accumulate flyer-miles. For instance, many airlines have partnered with credit and debit card companies to offer individuals miles for purchases made on the cards. Since then, more miles have often been made through credit card companies than through actual flights.

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