How Can You Find Updated Silver Prices?


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Silver prices as current as the minute are found on tracking websites such as KitCO.com and SilverPrice.org. The price of silver is displayed as one or more line graphs that state the price in U.S. dollars per ounce and the price at that given minute. Most websites of this nature also post current news about trade and events related to silver and its circulation, so that those who invest in silver may stay current with the market climate.

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As of the morning of Sept. 15, 2015, silver settled somewhere around $14.50. This price fluctuates rapidly according to the market. Like most forms of investment, it is prone to sudden rises and drops in price, and so the price varies wildly day to day. The price of silver is determined by the market in New York, where it changes along with demand.

Silver price tracking websites have archives that go by month and year that track the respective averages for that period. SilverPrice.org has an archive that goes back 30 years, showing the average yearly prices and allowing users to hone their search of previous prices. These archives are useful for comparing to events in a given time period, to research what might cause the price of silver to rise or fall.

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