How Can You Unlock a Verizon Cellphone?


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Verizon Wireless does not lock many of their phones, but the ones that are locked can be unlocked by pressing 000000 or 123456. Their cellphones can be used with any wireless company.

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Verizon locks their SIM cards for use with only their service. The customer can call customer service and have it unlocked. No phones are locked other than the 3G global ready phones that are not iPhones and the prepaid 3G phones that come packaged in the box. The phones in the box must be used with Verizon service for at least 12 months, and 6 months of that time must be with Verizon prepaid.

The customer can call *611 after the year of service and have the phone unlocked. Any other phone can be set to use another carrier by pressing 000000 or 123456. The owners manual should state which number to use. All 4G LTE phones are unlocked from the day of purchase.

Just because a phone is unlocked does not mean it can be used with any carrier. Some phones have different capabilities that certain carriers do not have the technology to support. In addition, unlocking a phone may not unlock all of its features. Voice calling may work but data use may still be disabled.

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