How Can You Find Unclaimed Funds in the State of Ohio?


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As of 2015, the website of the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds list unclaimed funds for the state. Site visitors can search for and claim funds in their names.

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If a search reveals that a person does have unclaimed money, the site issues them a claim form. Claimants need to print the form and mail it to the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds, along with any required documentation. This documentation varies based on each individual claim, although the claimant must always provide a form of personal identification. If the amount of unclaimed money is over $1,000, the state requires notarization of the claim form and documentation before submission.

In some cases, a person can claim funds on behalf of a friend or family member. However, Ohio's Unclaimed Funds website is for public use only. Professional "finders" must register with the state of Ohio and show authorization from the money's owner before starting a claim, reports the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds. In addition, "finders" may not claim money on another person's behalf unless the claim has been in the Division of Unclaimed Money's possession for over 24 months.

Companies report unclaimed funds to the state when an account is inactive, funds are due to the account owner, and the company is unable to locate the person entitled to the funds. Types of funds may include bank account balances, utility company credits and uncashed checks.

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