How Can I Get a Tummy Tuck Approved by My Insurance?

A tummy tuck is typically considered a cosmetic procedure, but if there is a medical reason for the surgery, it may be approved by insurance. Contact your insurance company to find out what is covered. If your doctor believes that there is a medical reason for the surgery, ask your doctor to write a letter to your insurance company.

Possible medical reasons for a tummy tuck include a hernia or if you have previously had weight loss surgery. When attempting to have your insurance company cover a tummy tuck, you should discuss your options with your surgeon. Additionally, your surgeon needs to make a medical case to your insurance company.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a tummy tuck is $5,217 based on figures from 2013. This fee is dependent on location, surgeon’s experience and the type of procedure. It is important to fully understand what your insurance company covers under medically necessary surgeries as it may not cover all charges. Ensure that your surgeon’s billing office stays in contact with your insurance company, and have them provide a detailed billing statement to avoid any unexpected costs. Keep in mind that insurance premiums may be affected and may increase due to the cost of the surgery.