Where Can You Find TSC Stores in Canada?

TSC has stores in Manitoba and Ontario. TSC is a Canadian retailer geared to farm and country home needs, and offers work wear, fencing and farm tools and equipment.

The official website of TSC, Tscstores.com, has a store locator on its home page. There are 45 TSC stores, as of April 2015. They are primarily in Ontario, but there are also stores in Brampton and Winkler, Manitoba. From the home page, customers can shop online and have the purchase sent to the store of their choice for pick-up. The website also features sale items that can be ordered online for in-store pick-up. Shoppers can buy e-gift cards from the home page which are emailed to the recipient.

TSC stocks a wide variety of household and farm supplies, including parts for farm equipment, outdoor furniture and hunting supplies. TSC also stocks equipment and supplies for livestock and domestic pets.TSC also stocks children's toys. TSC also offers a fence installation service for chain-link, field and electric fences.

The Know How tab on the home page features informational articles for customers to learn about country lifestyle skills and interests, such as keeping bees or getting started to raise chickens.

TSC has been in business in Canada since the 1970's, and its headquarters is in London, Ontario.