How Can a TRICARE For Life ID Card Be Obtained?


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ID cards are not necessary for the TRICARE For Life plan. Those who are enrolled only need a uniformed services military ID card, according to the TRICARE website.

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TRICARE For Life is available to people who are eligible for TRICARE and also are enrolled in both Medicare Part A and B, the TRICARE website states. Under the plan, TRICARE pays for medical expenses after Medicare is paid. Because Medicare cannot be used overseas, TRICARE becomes the primary insurer in those situations. Those who want to take advantage of the coverage need not apply, as coverage is automatic for those who have Medicare Part A and B.

The way it works, the TRICARE website explains, is that the medical provider files the claim with Medicare, which then pays its amount and sends the claim on to TRICARE, which then pays its share. There are no enrollment fees for the coverage, but those enrolled must pay the Medicare Part B monthly premiums. Costs are higher at Veteran's Administration providers or those providers that opt-out of Medicare.

For procedures covered by TRICARE but not Medicare, the patient is responsible for any deductibles and cost shares, according to Military.com. For those covered by neither, the patient is responsible for the entire bill.

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