Where Can You Get Trader Joe's Printable Coupons?

Trader Joe's does not have coupons for any of their products, claiming that their prices are always the best. They do, however, accept manufacturer coupons for the brand name items they sell.

Trader Joe's official policy is that "'Sale' is a dirty word..." The store does not have coupons available because they believe in selling all their items at the best prices every day. For this reason, they also don't have a weekly flier with specials, membership cards or special promotions. The prices in store are the prices available.

Most products in a Trader Joe's bear the Trader Joe's label. However, there are some items that are brand-name. Trader Joe's does accept manufacturer coupons for these items. Prices and products vary from store to store, based on availability, state laws, taxes and distribution costs. The Trader Joe's goal is always to sell the best products at the best value.

The closest things Trader Joe's has to a flier are the Fearless Flier and the Trader Joe's E-newsletter. The Fearless Flier is released eight times a year and includes information about Trader Joe's products, as well as product stories so that customers can be well-informed about what items are in the store. The E-newsletter includes more stories and sneak peaks at the Fearless Flier. Both fliers are free.