Where Can You Find a Tractor Tire Size Chart?

can-tractor-tire-size-chart Credit: Henry Arden/Cultura/Getty Images

Deere and Company presents tractor tire size charts for conversions and tire groups. Ken Jones Tires has a tire size conversion chart that compares standard tractor tire sizes to radial and metric sizes.

Deere and Company offers a tire size conversion chart that compares tire inch size to its metric equivalent in millimeters. For instance, an 11.4 inch tire is the same as a 290 millimeter tire. The chart also shows the formulas for doing the conversions mathematically.

In addition, Deere has a chart that displays common tire sizes by group size. Tires are grouped by their overall diameters, as another chart explains. The size chart shows the radial sizes of tires in groups 42 to 44 for front tires and 47 to 49 for rear tires.