How Can You Track Certified Mail Using Receipts From USPS?


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Track certified mail with receipts from the United States Postal Service by locating the item's unique 20- or 22- digit tracking number on the receipt and putting it into the tracking system on the USPS website. Instant text alerts about an item's status are also available.

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  1. Find the tracking number on the receipt

    This number is below the address listing on the receipt. Look for five groups of four numbers, with each group separated by a space, or five groups of four numbers plus one group of two numbers, for a total of 20 or 22 numbers. This number is also found on the certified mail slip torn from the original certified mail tag during the purchase.

  2. Put the tracking number into the USPS tracking system

    The USPS website has a tracking feature. Get there by going to the USPS website, clicking on the "Manage Your Mail" tab and selecting "Track" from the top of the drop down menu. Enter the tracking number into the large box under the "Tracking (or receipt) number" heading, and click the blue "Find" button underneath.

  3. View the item's status

    The website tells where the item was entered into the system, when it was shipped, where it is along the route, and its delivery date or its estimated delivery date.

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