How Can You Find TracFone Promo Codes?

The TracFone website, and are some places to find Tracfone promo codes as of 2015. These codes typically offer bonus minutes as a free add-on to another paid airtime card. For example, a code may give 20 bonus minutes with the purchase of a 120-minute card.

RetailMeNot lists all current Tracfone promo codes and the percentage of users who successfully redeemed each code. Pre Prepaid's website provides a list of codes, the submission date of each code and a promo code tester that allows users to enter their phone's ESN to check the validity of a particular code.

TracFone Wireless is a low-cost, prepaid cell phone carrier in the United States. The company does not require a two-year contract from its customers or a monthly plan. Instead, TracFone users can choose between adding airtime minutes or a monthly plan. Coverage is available to 99.6 percent of the United States, according to the TracFone website. Discount offers can include free minutes or a percentage discount off the bill.