Where Can You Find Templates for Proposal Letters?

Proposal letter templates are available on a number of websites, such as SampleTemplates.com, ASampleLetter.org and Letters.org. SampleTemplates.com offers eight different templates to use as the skeleton of a proposal letter and a basic explanation what a proposal letter contains. It also provides information about how to write the letter, such as the proper format and tone.

ASampleLetter.org offers a paragraph-by-paragraph explanation of the framework of a proposal letter and one free, downloadable sample. On the other hand, Letters.org offers a basic summary of how to write the letter and samples of various types of proposals, including a job proposal, a business proposal and a proposal letter from a student. It provides a sample cover letter and a sample proposal-rejection letter as well.

A proposal letter is a cover letter for a business proposal. It is meant to introduce the company, summarize the key points of the proposed business arrangement and outline necessary terms and conditions, such as the time and the cost involved. Companies often submit proposals in response to a specific request, known as a request for proposal, or RFP. These proposals are specific to the needs of one company, and typically require a significant amount of time and research to prepare. Conversely, some companies send out mass mailings of proposal letters in the hopes of generating business, in which case the letters are usually the same.