Where Can You Find Templates for a Collection Agency Dispute Letter?


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Collection agency dispute letters are used when a consumer disputes some or all of the debt that a collection agency claims is owed. These letters request that the collection agency validate the debt or provide additional information before continuing with collection efforts, explains the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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The dispute letter must contain the name and address of the consumer and the collection agency. The dispute letter must specify a request to validate all aspects of the debt. This includes detailed information about the alleged debt, including the amount claimed to be owed, the name of the original creditor, address, and proof of licensing, as well as any judgement information that applies.

Additionally, the dispute letter can cite section 809(b) of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and alert the collection agency that the consumer plans to document all communications relating to this alleged debt, advises Owen Richardson IV of Demand Media. Send the dispute letter and any other communication with a collection agency through certified mail with a return receipt, states Credit Infocenter. Certified mail with a return receipt requires someone at the agency to sign for the letter; and, this provides documented-proof of its delivery to the agency.

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