Where Can You Find a Template for Taking Meeting Minutes on Microsoft Word?

Where Can You Find a Template for Taking Meeting Minutes on Microsoft Word?

Find a template for taking meeting minutes in Microsoft Word on sites such as Office.com, Vertex42.com, SampleTemplates.com and Template.net as of 2015. Each site includes meeting minute templates in a variety of formats and customization options, some of which also support advanced features.

Office.com contains a wide range of meeting minutes templates compatible with the desktop version of Microsoft Word as well as the online version, which requires a free Microsoft account to access. Creating an account allows users to quickly view the template to test its formatting options and change the formatting to use in future events.

Vertex42.com offers several different meeting minutes templates for use in both formal and casual environments, most of which include descriptions that designate their ideal utilization situations. All templates are available as Microsoft Word files and are free to use without creating an account, though this does require compliance with site usage policies.

SampleTemplates.com features meeting minutes templates as well as related documents, such as meeting agendas and note templates. Each document includes placeholder text for inserting information such as company name and address, the names of attendees or dates. Some also include form options such as radial buttons.

The meeting minutes templates on Template.net typically feature sample copy that demonstrates the proper method for filing out the forms. Templates are available for different purposes and programs other than Microsoft Word.