How Can You Tell If a Property Has Been Abandoned?


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Find out if a property is abandoned by speaking to neighbors or other residents to determine if anyone lives in the property, then search country records to find the owner and contact him directly. Another method is to check local classifieds and banks for listings of abandoned or foreclosed homes.

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Some common signs that may indicate an abandoned property are general disarray of the front exterior, such as overgrown lawns or broken windows. As these do not guarantee abandonment, research the home through the neighborhood to identify the history of the property. You may also need to call upon the house to see if it has any occupants. If you are unable to find the residents, search the country tax records to find out the name of the person or entity that owns the property and place a call inquiring as to its current occupancy status.

Many banks maintain lists of property foreclosures and repossessions, which means there are currently no occupants at the property. Some institutions or private owners also list these properties in local classifieds sections or through local real estate agents. If you are unable to find an online list of abandoned properties, visit local branches and office and request to see a list of known properties with no occupants.

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