How Can You Tell If a Product Review Is Real or Not?


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To tell if a product review is real or not, pay attention to the language, look into the reviewer and check the timing of the reviews. Public relations and advertising agencies sometimes pretend to be genuine satisfied customers to make products or services appear more desirable.

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Language is a good indicator of the authenticity of a review. Genuine reviews typically provide specific details on how a product or service performs. Fake reviews tend to use superlatives to describe a product or service, while genuine reviews tend to be more moderate in their language, even when praising a product or service.

Some websites cross-reference their buyer databases with user reviews, making it possible to tell whether or not the person writing the review has purchased the product. Reviews from verified buyers are therefore more reliable.

Unscrupulous marketers who want to create excitement about a new product often post multiple reviews about the product within a short period of time. Multiple positive reviews about a product within an hour of each other are more often than not false.

Astroturfing is the name given to the act of writing false reviews to help sell products. Studies show that most shoppers read online reviews before purchasing products or services.

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