How Can You Tell What You Are Passionate About?


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The activities that a person is passionate about are those that he would do for free purely for his personal satisfaction and happiness. A passion is an activity that an individual can't stop doing regardless of whether it costs him a lot of money; working out can be an example of a passion. When he is engaging in one of his passions, an individual is usually enthusiastic and motivated.

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A passion may result from the effect of an action, such as the feeling a person gets when helping another person. Being passionate about something is reflected in how much a person is willing to invest in a particular activity. For example, a passionate painter may spend most of his day painting and buy expensive painting equipment so as to become the best painter he can. For a person to find his true passion, he should examine his hobbies, develop curiosity about other activities and try new activities. He should keep in mind that a passion is not necessarily an easy activity but that if he feels fulfilled while doing it, that is what matters most. If a person is in a job that does not make him happy, he should seek a job related to his passions.

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