How Can You Tell If a Money Order Has Been Cashed?


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Sending an inquiry to the central office of the issuing agent is the best way to find out whether a money order has been cashed. The process is easier if the person who bought the money order still has the receipt, according to Western Union.

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For purchasers who still have the money order receipt, the issuing company needs to know the name, mailing address and phone number of the purchaser. The company also needs the name of the payee, the purchase location, the number of the money order, the amount and the date of purchase. Finally, the issuing company needs to know the reason for the request -- whether the money order was stolen, lost, destroyed or simply never used, as stated by Western Union.

For purchasers who no longer have the receipt, all of the above information is still helpful, although it is also important to include copies of identification that show the identity of the purchasing party. Also, the issuing company may require a written statement detailing the circumstances surrounding this request, such as the recipient simply never cashing it or the buyer losing the money order. A request without the receipt lengthens the likely response time and generally leads to a higher fee, states Western Union.

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