How Can You Tell What Your Management Style Is?


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Management styles are diverse, and the most effective way to identify a management style type is to take a leadership assessment test. A definitive leadership style is usually revealed upon completion of the test.

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Two major management styles are autocratic and permissive, and a range of leadership styles fall within these two categories. Autocratic managers typically control most or all of the decision-making process. Leadership is from the top down, and input from subordinates is limited. The autocratic manager closely supervises those under him. Alternately, the permissive management style allows for more flexibility in decision making and supervision. This type of manager is likely to invite subordinates to give suggestions and opinions about work issues. The permissive manager may provide general direction but allow employees to define the details of how job tasks are performed.

It is possible for a manager to blend autocratic and permissive styles together. For example, a manager may be permissive in accepting input concerning job tasks; however, he may prefer to be an autocrat while supervising those tasks. Other versions of autocrat and permissive styles are democratic and laissez-faire. Democratic managers find solutions by including all parties in the decision-making process, while laissez-faire managers allow subordinates to find their own solutions.

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