How Can You Tell If Appliances Are American Made or Foreign Made?


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Determining if an appliance is American-made is difficult because “Made in the USA” has different meanings. However, StillMadeintheUSA.com lists appliances that are verified to be American-made, and on AmericansWorking.com, consumers can submit questions about appliances. The site also lists American-made products according to the U.S. states where they’re manufactured.

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According to “Made in the USA?,” manufacturers’ claims that their products are American-made can be either “unqualified” or “qualified.” Companies must provide proof of their claims, and the Federal Trade Commission also requires companies to post “prominent, unambiguous statements” about how they manufacture their products.

Unqualified claims certify that “all or virtually all” of the materials, parts and processing originate in the United States. Even these products may legally contain small amounts of imported materials if these components don’t represent a significant portion of the item, such as drawer knobs for furniture or buttons for clothing.

However, qualified claims on American-made products cause confusion because this claim can mean so many different things. A common example of a qualified claim to “Made in the USA” is California-based Apple's, which reads “Designed by Apple. Assembled in China.” As long as consumers can tell how much of a product is sourced or assembled outside of the United States, it may still qualify for a “Made in the USA” label.

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