How Can You Get a Teaching Job in Michigan?

How Can You Get a Teaching Job in Michigan?

To become a teacher in Michigan, complete the appropriate undergraduate coursework or teacher training program, earn a bachelor's degree, acquire a teaching certificate, complete first aid and CPR training, and earn passing scores on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification basic skills and content exams. It can take four or more years to satisfy all the requirements necessary to become a certified teacher in the state.

  1. Complete undergraduate coursework or a teacher training program

    Complete all undergraduate coursework required for your major, or enroll in and complete a state-approved teacher certification program. Make sure you meet the specific course and credit-hour requirements necessary to meet the state's teaching requirements.

  2. Earn a bachelor's degree

    Meet all of the requirements necessary to complete your bachelor's degree, earning satisfactory grades in all prerequisite courses necessary for college graduation.

  3. Obtain the appropriate teaching certifications

    Submit your college transcripts to the Department of Education along with the appropriate fee to obtain your teaching certification. Completing an elementary or secondary teaching training program in the state can lead to certification in Michigan. Secondary education teaching candidates can become certified in the subject area of their college major.

  4. Complete first aid and CPR training

    Contact the Department of Education to inquire about completing the mandatory first aid and CPR training for children and adults.

  5. Earn passing scores on the MTTC

    Candidates must take the MTTC tests with passing scores to demonstrate competency in specific subject areas before earning a teaching certificate.