Can You Get a Teaching Job If You Attend College Online?


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Whether or not a graduate of an online university can obtain a teaching job depends on multiple factors, including the preferences of the institution offering the job, the graduate's grades and prior experience, whether the online college has appropriate accreditation and the current job market in the area. The final decision depends on the skills and abilities of the graduate as well as the requirements and opinions of the hiring institution.

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With the prevalence and availability of online colleges and universities growing, many graduates seek to enter the job market as educators at all levels. One of the most significant factors that can determine whether the graduate of such a school can obtain a teaching job is that the university attended has the appropriate accreditation from a government body or other educational organization, such as the Department of Education. If the department or a similar group does not officially recognize the university, it may cause the hiring school to question the legitimacy of the candidate's degree.

Similarly, graduates applying for teaching positions also need to have the appropriate teaching credentials, which need to come from a school or organization with proper accreditation. Though attendance at an online university does not preclude any applicants from taking jobs as educators, all applicants still need to meet the job requirements of the institutions offering the jobs, which can vary significantly between schools and individuals.

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