How Can You Find Your Tax Bill?


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Depending on the county, customers can search for their tax bills online by visiting the county's website and navigating to the assessor's, treasurer's or tax collector's page, notes the McHenry County and Sacramento County websites. Many counties also allow customers to pay their tax bills online.

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Most county assessors' offices mail tax bills to customers, but many counties also offer copies of tax bills on the county's tax collector or assessor website, according to the McHenry County and Sacramento County websites. To find a current tax bill online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the county website
  2. Go to the county's tax collector, treasurer or assessor website. For example, McHenry County in Illinois allows visitors to view and pay their tax bills online.

  3. Click "Online Services"
  4. The page names may differ by county, but visitors to the McHenry County website can hover over the "Services" tab on the top navigation bar and click on the "Online Services" link.

  5. Click "Pay Property Taxes"
  6. Click on the "Pay Property Taxes" link.

  7. Click "Online Property Inquiry"
  8. Click on the "Online Property Inquiry" tab under the "Property Tax Lookup" heading.

  9. Search
  10. Visitors can search for current tax bills by parcel number or by address, name and other criteria. Choose the desired method, input the required criteria and click "Search."

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