How Can You Find Subcontractor Positions?


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Find subcontractor positions by networking, asking for referrals and distributing business cards and fliers. Before seeking work, it is important to determine your specific services and rates. In addition, it is important to create your own website as a way to market your services and to exhibit testimonials from various satisfied customers.

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For veteran subcontractors, networking is an easy way to find positions. Begin by creating a list of agencies and vendors with which you have worked before. Contact these agencies regularly to inquire about potential work. Pay special attention to individuals with whom you already have a positive working relationship, and be sure to join any relevant professional associations in your area to increase your networking potential.

Another way to find subcontracting jobs is to ask to use previous clients as referrals. Ask if you may give their names to prospective clients, and also ask if the previous client knows of any individual or agency in need of your services.

For those who primarily work locally, it may be easier to find jobs by distributing business cards or fliers. Sending your cards and fliers to local agencies and businesses gives you an opportunity to set up an in-person dialogue with prospective clients to advertise your specific services before leaving them with a tangible way of contacting you directly.

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