Where Can You Find Study Materials for the ServSafe Food Handler Test?


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Study materials for the ServSafe Food Handler test can be found at the SafeServ website in the resources section, where there are food safety guides and practice tests available. The ServSafe Food Handler test covers a variety of topics related to storage and hygiene as well as the proper cleaning and sanitation procedures that must be followed when preparing and serving food. The test also contains sections on understanding food allergies and the related customer service approaches.

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Where Can You Find Study Materials for the ServSafe Food Handler Test?
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Knowing how long various foods can be stored as well as how they should be stored is a fundamental part of the test. Candidates will be required to know how to store food safely, how long it can be stored safely and how long it should be cooked .

Storage guidelines include ensuring that a freezer is not overloaded and that food is stored by expiry date (longer expiry dates can be stored further back, for example).

The test also requires the applicant to be clear on all potentially hazardous food groups, which includes chicken, eggs, shellfish and cheese.

Understanding how to maintain high personal hygiene standards is also included in the test. The applicant will be required to show they have a good knowledge of the correct hand washing procedure when handling food as well as knowing when and how frequently hands should be washed.

Being able to identify and understand the different food groups that can cause allergies, such as wheat, dairy and soy, is also an area the test focuses on.

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