What Can a Student With Just a High School Diploma Include on a Resume?


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A student possessing only a high school diploma can fill a resume with volunteer experiences, achievements, extracurricular activities, current grade point average, and curriculum information. A list of notable skills related to the job for which the student is applying is also acceptable.

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In lieu of work experience, a student should highlight skills and strengths. Add any volunteer work to the resume, as well as school projects related to the type of work sought. Link each activity to a real-world skill that the job the student is applying for requires. For example, a student who volunteered at a concession stand during a community fundraiser could relate that work to sales skills.

Including extracurricular activities is a great way for a student to showcase applicable skills. Students participating in sports can highlight their leadership qualities. Those who are part of the newspaper or yearbook staff can tout their attention to detail. Individuals in service clubs can include customer service skills on their resume.

If a student has mastered any skills in high school, he should list them on the resume. Such skills could include computer programming, photography, public speaking and videography. Mentioning specific skills encourages potential employers to look beyond the student's lack of work experience.

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