Where Can You Find Stores That Are Open on Christmas Day?

can-stores-open-christmas-day Credit: Pavlina Jane/CC-BY-SA 2.0

A complete list of stores open on Christmas Day may be available from local news outlets on their websites, in addition to sites like GOBankingRates and the Huffington Post. Store hours may vary by geographic location, and national chains may change their Christmas Day hours from year to year.

When searching for stores open on Christmas Day, local news outlets may be the most reliable because they inform viewers of local store hours, in addition to the hours of national chains. In addition, personal finance site GOBankingRates publishes a list of Christmas Day store hours on Christmas Eve. If a chain's hours are not confirmed, they estimate based on the year prior.

Some stores that opened for limited hours on Christmas Day, 2014 include CVS, Walgreens and Albertson's. The majority of businesses that remain open are restaurants, including Burger King, McDonald's, Starbucks, Subway and IHOP. Denny's confirmed it would continue to offer 24-hour-service, seven days per week, including Christmas.

Stores and restaurants often keep their Christmas Day hours posted on their doors all year long, and advertising for their holiday sales and altered opening hours may take place at their physical locations, as well as their official website, during the holiday season.

Most retail stores have limited hours on Christmas Eve and remain closed on Christmas Day, but may open early for after-Christmas sales on December 26.