Can I Stop Payment on a Money Order?

The ability to stop a money order depends on the policy of the store or bank that issued the money order. Rules vary depending on the establishment, and the purchaser may face a large fee to cancel the payment and receive a refund.

Read all print available on the duplicate copy of the money order or the receipt from the provider. In cases that involve fraud, the purchaser may be able to file forms that make it impossible or more difficult for the recipient to cash a money order. Businesses that sell money orders must report transactions or patterns that are suspicious to the federal government, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which does provide some further protection for consumers.

After a certain amount of time, uncashed money orders can be processed for a refund. In most cases, companies don't provide such protections, making money orders a risky way to remit payment. Another payment option to consider is a money transfer, which can be stopped.