How Can You Stop a Credit Card Payment?

Stop a credit card payment by contacting the vendor and documenting a request to stop payment. If the vendor continues to charge your account, contact the payment source, and make a request to stop payment. When the payment is made through a credit card company, dispute the charge, and follow-up in writing if necessary.

  1. Contact the vendor to resolve the issue

    Place a call to the vendor's customer service line; this information is typically available in account documents or online. Many companies have customer service agents available through live chat and email on the company's website as well. Explain the issue, and seek resolution with the vendor.

  2. Contact the funding source to request a stop payment

    If the vendor fails to meet your request or resolve the issue, contact the funding source through which the payment was made. Request a stop payment for the vendor. This is your right under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. Your financial institution may ask that you follow up in writing, especially if you are stopping a recurring payment. Contacting your financial institution stops the current payment, but not all future payments.

  3. Dispute the charge with your credit card company

    From the time the charge shows up on your monthly statement, you have 60 days to dispute the charge. Follow up with a written request to provide you with future documentation, if needed.