Where Can You Find Stock Prices?


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Many financial news websites list stocks, such as Money.CNN.com and Finance.Yahoo.com, along with websites for specific stock exchanges, such as Nasdaq.com. Along with individual stock listings, these websites also list the prices for various stock indexes, commodities and exchange-traded funds.

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On Money.CNN.com and Nasdaq.com a market overview is listed under the Markets tab. On Finance.Yahoo.com the market overview is listed under Market Data. Finance.Yahoo.com is also a prime source for historical stock prices, according to Investopedia. Users can also search for specific stocks, companies and other securities by using the search bar on each website. These websites also provide stock descriptions, related news, competing stocks and stock price history on each individual stock page. Nasdaq.com even provides a risk and recommendation bar for some stocks, representing the majority opinion of stock market analysts.

Investors wishing to buy stocks need to use a stock brokerage, explains Investopedia. There are two main types of brokerages, full-service brokerages and discount brokerages. Full-service brokerages claim to offer more advice and better service, but they also charge much higher fees. Historically, full-service brokerages were the only way to buy and sell stocks, leaving stock trading out of range for most investors. However, with the development of discount online brokerages, stock trading is now feasible for most people.

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