Where Can You Find a Stock Price Prediction for HPQ Shares?

Stock price predictions for Hewlett-Packard, the stock ticker abbreviation for which is HPQ, are available at NASDAQ.com. NASDAQ predicts earnings per share of $3.62 as of October 2015. The prediction increases to $3.65 per share as of October 2016 and $3.75 per share as of October 2017, according to NASDAQ.

Recommendations for buying, selling or holding HPQ shares are kept current at Markets.FT.com. As of September 2015, 26 of 32 investment analysts tracking HPQ recommend buying or holding the company's shares. Five analysts predict that the company is likely to outperform the market, according to the Financial Times. Only one investment analyst predicts that HPQ is likely to underperform when compared to the rest of the market. No analysts recommend selling HPQ shares. This consensus has remained steady since February 2014.