How Can You Find Stock Lists by Price?

How Can You Find Stock Lists by Price?

Find a list of stocks by price by visiting the MarketWatch website, navigating to the Stock Screener, inputting pricing information and submitting the criteria for sorting, notes The site allows users to sort stocks using a number of other search parameters aside from price, including volume, price-to-earnings ratio and market capitalization amount. Users can also sort results by a specific exchange market or Dow Jones industry group. is published by Dow Jones & Co. and offers a number of products and services for investors, including a radio network, notes Follow the steps below to locate stock lists by price using the website:

  1. Visit the site
  2. Enter in any Internet browser's address bar, and hit the Enter key to navigate to the site.

  3. Locate the Stock Screener
  4. Find the Investing tab across the top of the home page. Hover over it with the cursor and click the Stock Screener link near the bottom of the menu that opens up.

  5. Input data
  6. Once on the Stock Screener, locate the Price section at the top of the page. Input data into the search fields. To sort stocks by price, just add high and low prices to the two Trading From fields and click the box marked "Activate."

  7. Screen data
  8. After adding the prices, click one of the "Screen" buttons located at the top and bottom of the Stock Screener then view the screener results by criteria such as symbol and company name.

  9. Input remaining search criteria
  10. Once on the landing page, check the boxes marked "Price" and "Symbol" or "Company Name." Check the relevant box to organize the search results in ascending or descending order.

  11. Click Screen again
  12. Click the Screen button once more to obtain the list of stock results sorted by price.