How Can You Get Started Making Money As a House Cleaner?


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Get started making money as a house cleaner by naming your business and advertising through social media, daily-deal sites and in local publications or community boards. Another option is to join an existing agency to receive work assignments without having to advertise or incur the expense of starting your own business.

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The process of starting your own business begins by getting a business license and registering with the appropriate tax departments. Physical advertising tactics to help find work include taking out ads in local newspapers or community publications as well as posting flyers at coffee shops or libraries. Digital options include creating a website and optimizing it for local search engine placement, which helps your site rank high when someone in your area searches for home cleaning businesses. Social media also help connect with potential clients and improve the ranking of the website.

Another option is to apply for employment with an existing agency, as this allows you to focus on completing the cleaning tasks instead of finding clients. Many cleaning companies assign work based on the location of the employee and amount of experience, as more seasoned cleaners often are able to take on larger jobs or work for customers with high demands. Therefore, new employees sometimes have a hard time getting jobs

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