How Can You Start a Soup Kitchen in Your Community?

To start a soup kitchen, secure registration as a non-profit organization, gather funding and select a venue. Choose a mode of publicity, hire volunteers and then gather food donations. Link with other non-profit organizations to help spread the word to the needy.

To register as a non-profit organization, inquire with the state's charity office for specific application instructions, because the instructions may vary per state. Once non-profit registration is secured, the future soup kitchen may be eligible for government grants as a funding option. Government grants do not require repayment. To apply for government grants as a funding option, check the resources at local colleges and other non-profit organization centers.

In addition to purchasing food with grant money, think of a creative way to get people to donate. Check with schools and churches to enlist help. Hire volunteers to help collect food donations and cook the food. Check with local stores and restaurants to help solicit denotations in order to help keep the new soup kitchen functioning. Volunteers can also help spread the word to the needy.

Communities commonly hold events and provide specific services to the needy. Ensure that the services offered by the new soup kitchen are unique to the community or that the events are planned with similar community events in mind.