How Can You Start a Reflexology Massage Business?

How Can You Start a Reflexology Massage Business?

How Can You Start a Reflexology Massage Business?

Start a reflexology business by first gaining the appropriate training and certifications. Then find a location in which to establish the business, purchase basic equipment, and develop a clientele through advertising and word-of-mouth communications.

  1. Obtain the appropriate training, certification and licenses

    Licensing required for reflexologists varies by state. Check your state to see what licenses you need. Certification is available through the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and the American Reflexology Certification Board. Training to receive certification and licensing may require up to 110 hours of study plus 90 hours of practical reflexology clinical work.

  2. Find a business location

    To have a trial period of building clientele, start by renting space at a spa, alternative health clinic, beauty salon or chiropractor's office. Seek to join a compatible team. Before taking on a lease for a reflexology space, calculate your anticipated income and expenses, and make sure your lease is no more than 10 percent of your expected income.

  3. Purchase equipment

    Basic equipment needed for a reflexology business includes a massage table or chair, a sound system, linens, lotions, aromatherapy products and cleaning products. If you are leasing a massage space at an existing spa, salon or health provider's office, many of these elements may be provided for you, which cuts down on initial expenses to establish the practice.

  4. Advertise the business

    Inform any existing clients of your new business, and ask them for referrals to new clientele. Set up a website to advertise your services. Contact local physical therapists, osteopaths, yoga instructors, gyms and health food stores to spread the word that you've opened your reflexology business.