Can You Start an In-N-Out Burger Franchise?


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In a 2013 interview with Richard Clough for the Orange County Register, Lynsi Torres, owner of In-N-Out Burger, stated there is no way to franchise one of her restaurants. "We're definitely not franchising, and we're not going to sell," she stated unequivocally, planning to hold the company completely for her children.

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The reason behind the reluctance to franchise is to keep tight control over the company to continue with the traditions that make the brand a strong, regional competitor in California and Texas, states Kim Bhasin for Business Insider. The family owned company expands slowly, keeping its restaurants near distribution centers so all food ingredients are fresh. The business also relies highly on its brand, due to its large following of regular customers. By maintaining ownership over all In-N-Out Burger restaurants, the family behind the company can control all aspects of the brand to continue to expound on the elite image the company projects.

Patrick J. Kiger for Orange Coast Magazine also highlights the way in which the owners of In-N-Out Burger treat their employees, garnering loyalty and a high work ethic by paying employees more than other fast-food restaurants. Business Insider ranked it as the top payer among 13 top fast-food restaurants. Pay for workers started at $10.50 an hour in 2014, just under $2 an hour more than the number two ranked restaurant.

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