How Can You Start Loan Officer Training?

How Can You Start Loan Officer Training?

To start loan officer training, visit the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry website, and download the licensing requirements checklist for your state. Qualifying for a license requires you to agree to a criminal background and credit check, complete 20 hours of NMLS-approved pre-licensing instruction, pass the licensing exam, and meet individual state requirements.

  1. Determine the licensing requirements

    Navigate to the state licensing requirements page on the NMLS website, and locate the state in which you wish to be licensed to view the requirements. Note that there are national requirements and state requirements, and some states require sponsorship from a mortgage broker to become licensed.

  2. Register with NMLS

    You must register with NMLS in order to start the process of qualifying for loan officer training.

  3. Complete the NMLS criminal background and credit checks

    You must sign an authorization for the NMLS to conduct a criminal background check and credit check. Fingerprinting is also required. You can schedule a fingerprinting appointment at your local NMLS office. The NMLS conducts on-site fingerprinting for groups, such as candidates sponsored by a financial institution.

  4. Find a NMLS-approved pre-licensing school

    You can find a school by navigating to the education page on the NMLS website. Twenty hours of coursework are required before you're eligible to take the licensing exam.

  5. Take the licensing exam

    The licensing exam consists of a national and state section. A score of 75 percent or better is required to pass these sections.