How Can You Start a Clothing Line?

How Can You Start a Clothing Line?

To start a clothing line, develop designs and create prototype pieces. Write a business plan that includes manufacturing and material costs, and use it to secure startup finding. Then, manufacture, market and sell the pieces in your clothing line.

  1. Create designs and sample pieces

    Design the pieces of clothing that are to be a part of your line. Sew or samples of each design yourself, or hire a professional to make them. Ensure that each piece is manufactured to a high standard.

  2. Find a manufacturer and fabric source

    Bring your samples to manufacturing companies, either in person or by mail, and secure a production quote. Ask for quotes for different-sized production runs. Find a fabric source that can provide the quality and quantity you need, and ask for quotes for the same production run sizes.

  3. Write a business plan

    Write a business plan that incorporates material costs, design information, market research, marketing plans and manufacturing costs. Include projections for each year up to five or 10 years to demonstrate scalability.

  4. Find funding

    Use your business plan and clothing samples to secure funding for your clothing line. The funding should cover your salary, manufacturing costs and overhead costs, at a minimum. Aim for a larger amount to cover unexpected costs. Two potential sources are small business loans and crowdfunding.

  5. Manufacture your designs

    Place an order for your first clothing production run. Check each piece for quality.

  6. Market and sell your products

    Sell your products on your own using a personal website or a service like Etsy. Alternatively, sell your pieces at craft fairs, or sell them through retail outlets for a commission. Market your products heavily on social media, online ads, print ads and by word-of-mouth.