How Can You Start a Career in Journalism?


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To start a career in journalism, develop a strong command of the English language and well-rounded writing skills. If you are a student, volunteer for your school newspaper, and apply for internships at broadcasting companies or news organizations.

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  1. Prepare through education

    Focus your studies on courses that teach grammar and proper writing technique. Learn how to write using proper sentence structure, and work on developing a unique style and voice. Supplement your education by developing your word processing and desktop publishing skills. High-level journalism careers may require that you obtain a master’s degree.

  2. Determine a specific field of interest

    Decide what you would like to write about. Current events, sports and politics are just a few examples of the fields of journalism. Be certain that you have a passion for your chosen field.

  3. Volunteer or become an intern

    To gain experience, you can volunteer for your school newspaper. If you are out of school, talk with a small local newspaper about contributing free content, or start your own blog on the Internet. Once you have published some work, apply for internships at larger publications. If you complete several internships at different publications, you increase your chances of landing full-time employment.

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