How Can I Start a Career in Football?


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A career in football doesn't necessarily require great athletic skills. Those who can't or don't want to compete on the field can still find jobs as coaches, trainers, agents or equipment managers. Any one of those careers begins with a proper education, persistence and a willingness to start on the ground floor.

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One of the best roles for a coach to start in is as an unpaid assistant while attending college. This exposes you to a higher level of football expertise and is a great stepping stone for future college or high school jobs. A bachelor's degree with a major in one of the sciences and a minor in physical education opens up a world of teaching and coaching jobs in high school.

It's never too early to begin developing a network of coaching friends. Attend every clinic available, and make your face known in the coaching community. Networking is just as valuable a job tool in the coaching community as it is in other industries.

An athletic trainer usually has an advanced degree and certification as an athletic trainer. Trainers are responsible for the health and physical rehabilitation of dozens of athletes, though there's none of the glory that comes with coaching or playing.

Equipment managers who work at the highest levels in football and other sports also receive certifications that cover such areas as management, professional development, fitting and safety.

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