How Can You Get Free Stamps?


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Places to get free stamps include from family and friends, work, universities, and museums. The study or collecting of stamps is known as philately, and can be an entertaining and educational hobby.

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How Can You Get Free Stamps?
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Family and friends constantly get letters and are therefore a good source of free stamps. Ask them to collect and save stamps, and provide a container or envelope for storage. Offer incentives such as introducing them to stamp collecting or doing a chore in exchange for their stamps.

Next, the work place receives a lot of metered mail among other types of mail. Ask mail room employees, co-workers or the secretary to save the stamps they receive. Providing a box or container for storage and picking up the stamps on a regular basis makes it convenient for them to save stamps.

Universities can be a good source of stamps from all over the world. Speaking to someone in the university’s international student, area studies, international studies or study-abroad organizations can produce good results.

Lastly, museums may be willing to save stamps for stamp collectors or enthusiasts. Offering to give a display or presentation on philately may be a good incentive, especially if there is a related exhibit at the museum. Being respectful, courteous and consistent in picking-up the stamps motivates others to save stamps on request.

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