How Can You Spot Fake Automobile Insurance Cards?


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To identify a fake auto insurance card, check for varying shades of print, which likely indicate that the card was photocopied, suggests InsuranceQuotes. Also check for any misspelled words or typographical errors, and determine if the car insurance card shows the usual contents of legitimate auto insurance cards, particularly a policy number and vehicle identification number, recommends EverQuote. Some states also have bar codes on auto insurance cards.

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If you're skeptical about the legitimacy of your car insurance policy, call your insurer directly to inquire further about your policy details, advises InsuranceQuotes. Immediately report the fake insurance company to your state insurance department if you discover fraud.

Legitimate insurance firms generally provide complete policy documents through mail or email several days after customers purchase policies, notes EverQuote. If your policy has a QR code, scan it with your smartphone to see if it leads to a credible website. Fraudulent companies often use QR codes that link to irrelevant sites.

Before buying a policy, perform thorough research on the insurer's history, and read online customer reviews to learn about the experiences of other policyholders, according to EverQuote. Check the license number of your insurance agent on your state's official insurance site.

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