How Can You Find Which South Pacific Islands Are for Sale?


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Private Islands Online and Vladi Private Islands are two sources that list islands for sale in the South Pacific. The South Pacific, often called Oceana, is the area between Asia and the Americas, including Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, French Polynesia and Tonga. Oceana is home to thousands of volcanic and coral islands.

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As of November 2015, Pacific Islands Online offers more than 30 South Pacific Islands for sale. Island parcels and peninsulas are also available. On its website, users filter island searches by selecting developed, partially developed or non-developed islands, in addition to price ranges and specific desired areas, including Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, French Polynesia and Vanuatu. Island profiles include a photo, island name, region, development status and price. Pacific Islands Online also offers islands for rent.

Vladi Private Islands provides islands for sale and rent. Run by Farhad Vladi, who made his first island sale in 1971, Vladi Private Islands has offices in Germany, Canada, China and New Zealand. In addition to islands in the South Pacific, it sells islands in the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Website users search for islands based on region, country, type and price. An interactive global map displaying islands for sale is available for users.

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